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Birthdate:May 5
Location:New York, United States of America


The man known as Wolverine knows little of his past. A product of Stryker's Weapon X program, which bound the unbreakable metal adamantium to his skeleton and gave him three foot-long retractable claws housed in each forearm, he was discovered running feral in the Canadian wilderness by Heather Hudson and her husband, John McDonald Hudson, who took him in and christened him 'Logan' after the nearby mountain. He and Marie D'Ancato came to Xavier's after being targeted by Sabretooth and Magneto, and after the events of X2, they both remained as part of the X-Men. A relationship with Marie ended during a 2-year long sojourn in Canada with Alpha Flight, and the two remain close friends, almost family to each other. Upon returning to the school in 2006, he kept to himself, assisting X-Force with their combat training and forming a short-lived relationship with Sarah Morlocke. The arrival of Garrison Kane, another Alpha Flight alumni, helped. Eventually, after the Wendigo incident, Logan realised he needed to mentally regroup, and returned to Canada and Alpha Flight, intending not to return until he had regained control of his beserker-like tendencies and felt he could call himself 'human' again. The massacre of the new Alpha Flight team has finally prompted him to take off again, looking to join Marie in her search of the perpetrators.

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