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Aug. 1st, 2006 10:02 pm
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Spent a good chunk of time digging Californians out of the rubble-piles that was their homes. Then the US Armed Forces moved in, and when that happens it's time for a smart Logan to move along.

Picked up a bike, spent a lot of time in Big Sky country. Beautiful country out there. Absolutely beautiful. Were I the settling type, I'd settle out there.

Anyone who wants to get a jump on the self-defense courses, let me know. There are Bad Men about, and knowing a thing or two about how not to get snatched just might come in handy. Even if you do know how not to get snatched, I might be able to offer a few pointers here and there.

That goes for the adults, too. Makes no difference to me how old you are so long as you want to learn.

So how the hell has everyone been since I was away?
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Whoever decided to do the powers-practice up in the Staff wing owes me an explanation.

First: Why turn me into a girl?
Second: Why turn Kurt and Hank's love-child into a girl?
Third: Why'd they try to steal my hat?

It was a good try, but you can't fool me with a hologram.
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what a good used bike goes for these days?

Little bit of speed and a great deal of ruggedness is all I want.

I'd give more details, but I gotta go get Scotty shitfaced. He needs it bad.

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